Want to run your tournament unlike any other. Include kits in your fee and increase your profits while hosting a professional looking tournament. Be the envy of the soccer fraternity. Encourage sponsorships. Make your tournament marketable. Also ideal for social responsibility tournaments and schools.

We have put together a Tournament Package that consists of the following items :

16  x  Soccer Sets incl shirts and shorts for 16 teams (ratio = 6M:6L:2XL per set) (224 players)

16  x  Goalie sets incl longsleeve top and padded shorts (16 goalkeepers)

16  x  Goalie gloves pairs (16 goalkeepers)

16  x  Sets Soccer socks (240 pairs/players)

16  x  Sets Numbers 2-15 on infield and 1 on goalie per team (240 players)


Optional Extras :

16  x  Sets Team Name on each player shirt (240 players)

16  x  Sets Sponsor Logo on each player shirt (240 players)

16  x  Sets Tournament Logo on sleeve (240 players)

3   x  Trophies - 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place incl engraving

20  x  Soccer balls Sz5

2   x  Ball bags

4   x  Ball pumps

16  x  Sets Shinpads (240 players)

16  x  Soccer boots (entry level)

16  x  Waterbottle carriers incl waterbottle

4   x  Whistles Steel


Freebies :

Free set of 20 Bibs with the above order printed Marshall, Referee, Sponsor Name or similar on them for the organisers or referees.

Free courier of your entire kit to your venue / premises